Your metabolism is like an open fire and your body, the cabin that needs heating. In order to keep your body heated and feeling great, you need to ensure your fire stays lit during your waking hours.

Imagine going on a trip to the snow. You arrive at your cabin first thing in the morning. It’s freezing outside. You open the front door and spot a beautiful open fire place. Perfect! Next to the fire place is a pile of logs and kindling. To get a fire started you need a little bit of kindling and then a bigger log on top to really crank up the heat and ensure the flame lasts.

After around 3 hours you notice the flame subsiding. Instead of throwing another large log on the fire (all that will do is slow down the flame and take time again to reheat) you place some smaller twigs in amongst the subsiding flames to get the fire cranking again. The flames crackle for another 3 hours until again you need to top up the fire with more kindling. This process carries on another 2-3 times throughout the day and into the evening.

In the final hours before bed, it’s not necessary to top up the fire as you prefer the flames to slow right down whilst you sleep. When you wake in the morning you’re ready to crank the fire again, starting the process again.

Relating this to your metabolism…

Starting your day with a nutritious, energy dense meal containing slow burning foods, kick starts your metabolism (fire). In around 3 hours, when your body has used the fuel from the mornings meal, top up your fire (metabolism) with a small snack. Continue this process until a couple of hours before bed, when your body doesn’t need any more energy as you a preparing to sleep. This process ensures your metabolism stays elevated and you are burning the greatest number of kilojoules throughout the day.

The hardest part about eating 5-6 small meals a day isn’t the eating; it’s not feeling hungry at first. After a few weeks of creating this habit you will start to notice your stomach rumble every few hours, informing you that you are hungry. This is a good thing! It means your metabolism is firing and your body is correctly using all the fuel from the previous meal.

Alternatively you can make the time to exercise for an hour every day as this will create around the same amount of heat in your body as eating 5 small meals a day.


Breakfast: ½ cup Porridge cooked with 1 cup plant-based milk, 1 tbs Organic Chia Seeds, topped with Organic Rapadura Sugar and half a small Banana

Morning Tea: Medium size apple with 20 almonds (with your morning coffee!)

Lunch: 2 Mountain Bread wraps with salmon, light philly cheese, ¼ avocado, tomato and lettuce

Afternoon Tea: Fresh Strawberries + cup of herbal tea

Dinner: Chicken & Cannellini Bean Salad >>