Did you know that Australia produces Organic Quinoa? Our Organic Australian Quinoa by Kindred Organics is the very first, commercially grown, quinoa crop in Australia! Until recently, quinoa has only been grown overseas, from places such as Bolivia, Peru and Chile because its cool mountainous regions are the perfect climate for quinoa growing. Tasmania has a similar climate and Kindred Organics have just harvested the next quinoa crop! We had the chance to speak with the Damen family to hear about the harvest and see what the farm looks like at harvest time.

1. What are the signs that it is time to harvest?
When the plant is mature and all the goodness has gone into the seed, and dry of course.

2. What is the harvest process?
 Harvesting is the easy part of quinoa growing and is done with a combine harvester.

3. Have you ever considered other varieties and colours?
Yes we have tried other varieties but the one we grow now is the strongest one. We are also a bit scared of using different colours as they will likely contaminate the white quinoa crop and will stand out very strongly.

4. Are other people in Australia trying to grow Quinoa?
In W.A. there are farmers who have just started with growing conventional quinoa but we are the only organic quinoa growers in Australia.

5. Is there much interest overseas for Aussie Quinoa? Have you looked into exporting?
We have enquiries from overseas but we like to sell all our harvest in Australia.

6. Do you get many visitors to their farm?
We get many visitors to the farm to have a look because many people are interested in how their food is grown. However during the growing season, we are so busy with growing the crop, it's better to visit during the cooler months.

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