Many people who are interested in their personal health and nutrition somehow forget that their pet’s health is also dependent on a natural, wholesome diet. Commercially-produced pet foods have only been available in the last 70 years, and pet food companies have done a very good job of convincing us that they are producing the optimum diet for our pet. Yet in this period of time, diseases such as cancer, allergies, behaviour problems and epilepsy have exploded. Pet foods are certainly convenient, but are they conducive to health and vitality?

It is counter intuitive that a bag of dry food produced with profit margins in mind by a large corporation and fed daily could be better than feeding your pet a variety of fresh, raw, nourishing food provided by nature. Yet given our busy lives, most pet owners choose to believe the marketing, and feed their pets a diet they know almost nothing about.

Did you know that almost all of the ingredients in commercial pet food are discarded from the human food chain?Did you know that many of these ingredients are not appropriate for canines or felines? Did you know that these ingredients are cooked at such high temperatures and pressures that almost none of the original nutritional content present in the primary ingredients is retained? Did you realise that a whole range of synthetic vitamins and minerals are then added to this concoction to ensure the food meets minimum nutritional standards? Did you ever think about the types of preservatives that are required to preserve a product that includes meats and fats such that it can be stored on the shelf at room temperature for many months?

The benefits of changing your pet to a home-prepared, appropriately balanced, raw food diet are plentiful. Raw food diets provide many nutrients lacking in a commercially prepared pet food, including living enzymes, phyto-chemicals, antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids in their raw, unprocessed form.

Benefits you can expect when feeding your pet a balanced raw food diet include:

  • improved dental health,
  • sweeter smelling breath,
  • improved skin and coat condition,
  • resolution of chronic ear trouble,
  • enhanced digestion,
  • smaller stools with less odour,
  • healthy body weight and muscle tone,
  • improved immune system function,
  • and enhanced vitality and longevity.

If you would like to work towards feeding your pet a more natural, nourishing diet, look out for my next blog post “Raw Food Basics for Dogs and Cats”.