Some days, actually most really, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by good food and people who love eating and preparing it.

Delicious food served up using local produce including our Organic Brown Koshihikari Rice by Randall Organics!

Recently, I had the pleasure of being involved at an event called Eatisan. The event was organised as a fundraiser for the Carevan Foundation;  it was an afternoon of great food and wine and hanging out with passionate foodies. I felt very privileged to be involved and left feeling energised.

Carevan runs a number of community care programs across five communities, one of which involves the provision of meals for disadvantaged and homeless people. Part of their work involves distributing meals that have been prepared by school kids. During school term, the kids cook meals and deliver them to the Carevan as part of their food tech studies. At the end of term, the kids themselves go out and meet some of the communities that they have been cooking for.

Carevan is community minded, empowering for both the givers and receivers and all with food as the central point for engagement … it really struck a chord with me! Carevan really captures the essence of “Real food that loves you back.”

The story of John Brabant (Carevan Founder) reading about poverty in the paper one day and deciding to do something about it, is really inspiring. It has given me renewed determination to action some of those dreamy ideals that float through my head and then seem to file themselves away in my brain’s “too hard basket”. As a serial procrastinator, I found his story a real reminder that “doing” (as opposed to “thinking”) should often be the first step.

I left the event feeling that my food reality is something I really shouldn’t take for granted and indeed there are more things I can do as person, and that Honest to Goodness could do as a business, that is genuinely sustaining for people who are less fortunate.

Big thanks to the following organisers of Eatisans…Tawnya Bahr of À la Carte Consulting, Chef Darren Templeman of Restaurant Atelier and local heirloom vegetable and herb growers Hapi and Cath Fiefia of Field to Feast. These guys did an absolutely brilliant job of bringing this entire event together and running some a seamless day!

Check out the whole Carevan Foundation story here!