There was a hint of Spring in the air over the weekend, however the chilly days and nights will continue for another month, so now is the perfect opportunity to bring our Organic Soup Mix into the kitchen. Our soup mix is a nourishing and warming blend of organic pearled barleyorganic riceorganic hulled milletorganic lentilsorganic chickpeasorganic split peas and organic channa dhal.  In fact it’s more versatile than soup- it can be added to casseroles, slow cooked dishes and vegetable burger patties!

What makes it so good?
Our Organic Soup Mix is full of nutritious ingredients and an easy way to increase nutrient density with a low energy density to any soup which means you get many of the key nutrients including vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories.

The hard facts:
•    Excellent source of protein
•    Natural source dietary  fibre
•    Full of complex carbohydrates so low GI
•    Low in fat
•    No cholesterol
•    Healthy substitute to meat for vegetarians
•    A good source of vitamins and minerals like B complex vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and selenium.
•    Rich in antioxidants

Because the soup mix is low GI and full of dietary fibre, it’s slowly digested and absorbed which means the slow release of glucose and energy from it contributes to regulating blood glucose levels. In fact, a diet rich in these legumes has shown to reduce blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure and regulate bowel function.

How to use's easy!
Not only is it nutritious, it is also very easy to use.
•    Simply rinse first and then soak in water for at least 3 hours (or overnight). This allows for shorter cooking times which preserves the nutrients to maximise the food value and can also minimise their gas by removing the indigestible complex sugars from the outer coating of the beans in the mix.
•    Rinse again and then add the mix to your soup to cook for about 30 minutes, and can then be blended easily if desired.

Soup mix recipes & serving ideas
Our soup mix is a great addition to any of your favourite soup recipes. Here is a warming vegetable soup recipe using our organic soup mix. Or why not use our soup mix to make your own vegetable burger patties!

Download our Hearty Vegetable Soup recipe here!