Spring is well and truly here now so it's time to change up the breakfast options and get creative with some homemade granola using delicious wholefood grainsseeds and dried fruit. For those of you who haven't discovered granola, it is a delicious toasted muesli and something you can make in bulk from scratch yourself in no time.

More and more people are going back to basics and making recipes from scratch with delicious wholefoods and we are so glad! It's a great way to know your foods - whether it's sprouting legumes, milling your own flour from organic grain or creating your own muesli and granola! Our busy lifestyles tend to be a challenge but with just a little bit of planning (planning is king!), you can make a week's worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Granola is a nutrient dense & wholesome breakfast choice, providing fibre, protein, good fats & essential minerals in every bite. It's also an opportunity to get creative with the flavour combinations and those special add-ins.

So where do you start?
Firstly, you'll need a good complex carbohydrate like buckwheat or oats and your favourite nuts (we chose Flaked Almonds & Organic Macadamia Nuts).

Up next is flavour combinations to add that personal touch. Think superfoods like Organic Maca Powdermesquitelucumaraw cacao powder or even a green powder! Spices? Yes please! Cinnamonvanilla, ginger or try some fresh citrus zest to add that little something special.

If you like things a little bit sweet (who doesn't?), combine in a natural sweetener like raw honeyrice syrup or maple syrup.

Our dried fruit friends don't fair well in the heat but don't let that stop you from adding them in after your granola is baked. Is any one else thinking apple wedgescranberries or goji berries?!

Now you've got all the good stuff stuff mixed together, spread it out on a tray to bake, but make sure you keep an eye on it and give it a toss half way through for even cooking. Once it's cooled, store in an airtight container and how you dish it up is up to you! Sprinkled on yogurt, fresh fruit, a bowlful with milk or straight from the jar!

We've got a delicious caramel flavoured recipe up our sleeve to share with you, Organic Mesquite and Cacao Granola.