The following blog was written by Annabelle, a Year 10 Student from Wenoa Girls School who spent a week completing her work experience with Honest to Goodness. 

My Week at Honest To Goodness

Spending one week at Honest to Goodness (H2G) as part of the work experience program was a memorable experience. A lot of time and effort goes into planning a program for school students, and H2G did a wonderful job at creating a suitable program for myself.

This program included experiencing different roles that make the company what it is. Roles I worked in included customer service, HR, production, marketing, working in H2G’s showroom and the warehouse.

The staff at H2G have been welcoming and kind, show a lot of passion in what they do and pay attention to detail whether it be in production or customer service. They also shared a lot of knowledge about the growing of food and told me stories about how natural disasters in other countries for example can affect supplies at H2G in Sydney.


My time at H2G has been really beneficial for me as a student going into the business world soon, learning about how they run and how everyones roles are as important as others.

My favourite experience at H2G this week has been working in Production. Seeing the process of how products are packaged was amazing and learning about all the machines that weigh and complete quality checks on the food.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at H2G and have learnt so much!

Annabelle helping out in the showroom