Our Nutritional Wholefood product range all began with our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder! This nutritious gluten free, dairy free and raw protein powder made from sprouted brown rice, is a fantastic protein source for vegans, vegetarians, coeliac’s, raw foodists, dairy intolerant individuals or anyone looking for a natural, unprocessed protein powder!

This natural and certified organic sprouted rice protein is one of the highest raw and vegan protein sources available with a protein content of 80%. It is also low in carbohydrate, a nutritious source of energy and nutrients, and can be enjoyed by everyone!

Health Benefits

  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  • Vegan and Raw
  • Hypo-allergenic and easily digestible
  • Contains a wide spectrum of minerals & amino acids
  • Alternative to soy or whey based proteins
  • No added sugars, preservatives or flavours…No Nasties Added!
  •  2 tablespoons (25g) provides 20g of protein, nearly 50% of the RDI!
  • Good source of fibre, B Vitamins, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA – encourages emotional & mental wellbeing), Iron, Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium

How to use 
This unprocessed protein powder is a great alternative to processed or soy and whey based protein powders. It has a smooth texture which is easily soluble in any liquid. Use rice protein powder as a base to any protein shakes, smoothies, bars and food products. Simply add to any beverage to boost the protein content!  Note: our brown rice protein is not a meal replacement formulation.


About sprouted grains
Also known as germination, sprouting increases key nutrients; particularly B vitamins, and essential amino acids often lacking in grains. The natural bio-fermentation process used is a controlled method which neutralises the plants natural defence enzymes, phytates. And increases the whole grains natural nutrients availability, absorption and digestion. Once sprouted, the grains amino acid profile (protein) is at its peak. Organic enzymes are then added, and the natural proteins are isolated to form this high protein concentrate (80%).

Did you know? 
Historically, back in the hunter gatherer times, grains were always soaked, sprouted or fermented to improve digestibility! With the industrialisation of the food industry, many of these traditional techniques disappeared. Geez we were smart back then!

Brown Rice vs Whey Isolate Protein
Whey based proteins have long been hailed as the most superior protein for weight loss and increasing muscle mass in sports nutrition. However a recent study has shown that our brown rice protein now shares that trophy! This is great news for those following a dairy free and vegan diet, who can now enjoy all of the benefits using our brown rice protein powder!

  • Brown Rice & Whey Proteins amino acid profile is very similar, only a difference of 1-3%
  • Rice protein is higher in arginine and glutamine
  • Rice protein had the same results as whey proteins for fat-mass reduction, increases in lean body mass, muscle power and strength.

Difference to other plant based protein powders
Most vegetarian protein sources are highly processed concentrates which use cheap fillers, are nutrient poor, particularly lacking in essential and non-essential amino acids, and often hard to digest. Lysine is an essential amino acid which must be obtained through our diet, however only limited amounts are generally found in plant based products, making this a challenge for vegetarians. Our sprouted brown rice protein is one of the richest plant sources of lysine!


  • Hexane-Free Protein Extraction; many plant protein manufacturers use this volatile liquid and hazardous air pollutant during processing.
  • No synthetic chemicals used during manufacturing, completely chemical free and certified organic!
  • Low Temperature Protein Extraction, preventing protein denaturation and preserving natural flavours.
  • Not Hydrolyzed
  • Protein extracted from entire, raw grain including the bran!

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein available in
350g packs
750g packs
Bulk 5kg bags
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