High protein meals like LSA are a fantastic and easy way to turn your breakfast into a nutrient dense and satisfying meal…quickly! Which let’s be honest, is what everyone is looking for these days.LSA is a combination of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds, ground into a meal, which has become a staple in many pantries and a long favourite of nutritionists, because of its health benefits.

With our abundance of organic nuts and seeds here at Honest to Goodness, we would be crazy not to have a go at making our own meals. Looking to create a high quality and nutritious meal, and with some inside knowledge plus a bit of research, we found out some interesting stuff!

Did you know?
Most LSA meals are made by crushing the seeds and nuts, extracting the natural essential oils, using the reminent meal as the final product. This method strips the meal of those nutritional properties which lay within the oils, namely the omega 3 essentially fatty acids!
The heat generated during the crushing process also denatures and breaks down many of the raw products natural benefits.

Organic LSA MixWhat is Whole Cold Milled?
Our unique “whole cold milled” (WCM) process, gently grinds the whole raw seeds and nuts, at a low speed, with minimal heat generation. This is important as the essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in the raw products are fragile and go rancid when exposed to heat. The cold milling process keeps the ingredients at room temperature, preserving all of the raw products natural properties and flavours, producing a high quality & nutritious meal.

Benefits of our Organic LSA
LSA is a high protein and gluten free meal, which is a natural source of dietary fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

This nutrient dense meal is known for being naturally nutritious and cleansing, and may assist in digestion, elimination, circulation, immunity, nerve function, joint mobility and general wellbeing. Our WCM Organic LSA is a fantastic addition to any diet.

The high protein content makes it perfect for maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your fuller for longer. Make it part of your daily routine…simply sprinkle LSA over your cereal, whip into yoghurt or add to a smoothie!

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