Many of us have busy lives don't we? We want to be healthy, eat well and have a full life but it takes quite a lot of planning, time, effort & energy to pull it off. Certainly the busier I am, the more I need my body and brain to function at its best. And the way to do this, is to eat good quality wholefoodsorganic where possible, prepared from scratch, right? Oh…and I forgot, from our own garden!

Well, this is in a perfect world, isnt it, and I try my absolute best, but sometimes the realities of everyday life take over. Apart from being very pregnant (37 weeks), attempting to finish up at work and having 3 little kids to look after, our chickens seem to have taken to the vegie patch, so we can forget about fresh food from the garden for the time being. However, the rest..well let's see, a few problems there too...

The biggest challenge in our family is that sometimes time runs out in the evening to make the meal we really ‘should’ be eating.  Whilst almost all of our meals are healthy they are not always as nutritious as they should or could be. We also have 2 evening meal sessions in our house (5pm & about 8pm) and a variety of tastes buds to satisfy. So, my real challenge at the moment, is to find that one dish that pleases everyone, can be prepared without too much fuss, and kept warm or reheated easily!

I have been trying to think of simple ways to sneak nutrient dense foods into every meal, without too much effort. Here are a few of my ideas…

1. Green Smoothies! A great way to get some concentrated greens and fruit in all at once. All but one in our family loved close!

2. Add fibre + protein to your breakfast with Organic LSA & ground chiaon muesli, cereal or porridge for breakfast.
The extra fibre, protein & essential fatty acids are not only good for us all, but tasty too. Add some  fresh fruit + a drizzle of “Super Manuka Booster Honey”. This has been a winner!

3. Stop and eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels as even as possible.

4. Chia water for morning tea! Fibre + essentially fatty acids + water = great!

5. Have a nutritious lunch if I can in case dinner doesn’t come together as planned.

6. Some homemade dip & vegies for the school lunchbox and my morning tea.

7. Boil some eggs to have on standby for snacks & lunches. If the chickens are going to eat all my vegies, we may as well get the goodness from the other end!

8. Become friends with the freezer! Make double of certain things & freeze half for a busy night the following week.

9. Make each mouthful count.
For example, inspired from a friends garden full of kale, I made a tasty salad on the weekend full of my favourite superfoods.

The raw kale replaced lettuce in a salad similar to a traditional Caesar Salad, and the ‘cream’ dressing is dairy-free, made from Walnuts, Chia, honey & other goodness! Oh and I couldn’t help but add some Organic Incaberries – yummo!
Recipe here for Organic Waldorf Style Superfood Salad.