February is here! Which means most of us are back at work and the kids are back to school. Our relaxing holiday where we had time to prepare and enjoy our long lunches has passed for another year. So it is back to reality and we all face similar challenges when it comes to eating healthy and nourishing meals during the day...no time?! Here are some tips and ideas to create and enjoy wholesome meals away from home and in a hurry!

Be Prepared
Use your weekends wisely and set aside a few hours every Sunday to prep your lunches and snacks for the week, whether it's yours or your childrens.  

Make your own trail mix
If you have trouble finding the perfect trail mix for you, then why not make up your own snack mix with your favourite ingredients! Drop by one of our market stalls or Alexandria Showroom where you can purchase organic & natural nuts, seeds and dried fruits in bulk and make your own trail mix! Some ideas...

Homemade Snack Bars
Use your weekend to bake some homemade muesli bars and portion up for the week ahead. Try this Organic Fruit & Nut Slice recipe, a healthy and wholesome alternative to store bought muesli and snack bars.

Prep your vegetables for the week
Whether you make extra at dinner time for the next day, or do a big cook up over the weekend, it's always greatto have some veggies ready to go in your fridge.

  • Cut up carrot & celery sticks for snacks - place in a sealed container in your fridge. Simply pack into your lunch box each morning with some homemade hummus, cottage cheese or avocado.
  • Make a large salad for the week - e.g. rocket, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onion, chickpeas, grated carrot and capsicum with lemon juice and olive oil. Store in your fridge. Simply divide into portions and add your protein of choice each day; boiled eggs, lentils/beans, chicken, tuna, salmon, fresh leg ham.
  • Roast your favourite vegetables in the oven with organic coconut oil, seasoned with any herbs and spices. Store in your fridge for your lunches or snacks.

Ready-to-go grains
To realistiaclly enjoy a nourishing lunch of quinoa or brown rice each day, you definitely have to be prepared, as this is not something we all have time to whip up in the morning! Cook up a large batch (around 4-5 serves) of organic quinoa or organic brown rice on Sunday afternoon. Store this in your fridge. Each night, pull out a serve into a container, add some roasted or raw vegetables and your choice of protein. Done!

Freezer friendly meals
Choose healthy lunchbox meals which are also freezer friendly. Bake a large lasagne on Sunday afternoon, portion up into containers and pop in the freezer. Simply pull these serves out when you want a no fuss lunch or even mid-week dinner.

Other delicious freezer friendly lunch ideas...

Vegan Rice Balls -  recipe here
Raw Vegan Burger patties -recipe here
Vegetarian Bean Burgers -  recipe here

Reduce food wastage and save time
If all else fails, left over dinner always works a treat for lunch the next day. Why not cook an extra 1-2 serves at dinner each night, to enjoy for lunch the next day.

We hope these lunch and snack ideas help you prepare some no-fuss nourishing meals to enjoy during the week for you and your family.