It is hard to imagine that finding simple, natural, wholesome foods with no additives & preservatives, has become a challenge in our world today! I recently completed the Joshi Detox Diet, a 21 day challenge where you follow a restricted diet of only whole foods, absolutely no refined foods, no additives, none of those artificial nasties are allowed!

When I began the challenge, I thought the harsh diet restrictions of NO dairy, NO caffeine (the list goes on!), was going to be my biggest challenge. However, I was quick to found out that it was the NO flavourings, additives, preservatives etc which was the hardest! I found myself in the supermarket walking around with an empty trolley, picking up every food item and placing it back down again!

Take a look at any packaged product & pantry staple, and I’m telling you there is at least ONE ingredient in there which is artificial or is just a number, not even a food product! To me, great tasting foods are wholefoods…simple, natural and untouched goodness! So why add all of these nasties to our food products? Here are some facts to help answer some of those questions.

Why add artificial colours & flavours to our food?

  • Artificial Colours – are added to influence our perceived flavour. They are also used to mask natural variations in foods.
  • Artificial flavours – are used to alter the flavour of a food or create a desired flavour for something with little natural flavour, like lollies.

Why add artificial preservatives to our food?

  • To preserve the appearance of the food, usually to prevent darkening (Sulphur is often used for this).
  • To preserve natural characteristics of the food.
  • To increase the shelf like of food for storage.

What about Trans Fats?
These are modified fats mostly used in processed & fast foods, to increase shelf life & decrease refrigeration requirements. They are a cheap & nasty alternatives to other natural oils.

Which foods have Sulphur Dioxide in them?
Also known as preservative 220, this is found in a lot of foods. Most commercially dried fruits are exposed to sulphur dioxide gas during the drying process to preserve colour & extend shelf life.

How does Sulphur Dioxide affect my body?
Sulphur is associated with a range of food intolerance symptoms including; headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), behavioural disturbances & skin rashes. But is best known for it’s harmful effects on asthmatics.

Take a look at the Honest to Goodness products, all sulphur free, see how food should really look!!

What’s nasty about all of these artificial additives?
The human body can react to all sorts of artificial chemicals. Some reactions include; skin rashes & itching, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal upsets, sleep disturbances and loads of other extremely weird stuff!

TOP TIPS to avoid nasties in your foods:
1. Read the ingredients label, anything which you do not recognise is most likely some form of additive or preservative.

2. Look for the nasty numbers! Any number in the ingredient list is generally not a good sign. Understanding the numbers is just as important…check out your local state health website for details.

3. Buy fresh foods! You know buying fresh is best. So to avoid consuming any of those nasties, go to your local produce market and buy Organic Fruit & Vegetables.

4. Look for Organic or Natural Foods with No Nasties!! I couldn’t resist any longer, you know that you will find the food that nature has provided for us, here at Honest to Goodness…just Real Food that loves you back!

At the end of my 21 day challenge, I have noticed a substantial amount of changes from eating a whole food diet & avoiding anything artificial. My skin is brighter & fresher, my mood has improved (happy wife, happy life!), I’ve never slept better, I’ve lost weight and I feel good!

Set yourself a challenge today…try eating only whole foods for 10 days, with absolutely no artificial additives, flavourings…just real food! And I promise you, you will notice a difference! Let us know how you go & what challenges you faced?!