Every season at Honest to Goodness, we all make the time to sit and enjoy a big lunch together. We recently had a delicious  Autumn staff lunch full of goodness! To share in everyone's cultures, we all contributed a dish and tried to incorporate lots of Honest to Goodness products like wholegrains, seeds, nuts, dried fruit & cacao.

The tables were decorated with colourful potted plants & flowers from a team member's garden. Who would've thought there would be so many salads but it seems everyone at Honest to Goodness loves creating wholesome, interesting salads with nutrient - dense foods! It was a great reminder of how interesting wholefood dishes can be and how many passionate foodies there are as part of Team Goodness.

We enjoyed delicious slow cooked, pasture fed beef  from Feather & Bone in Marrickville and feasted on salads like black bean & quinoa salad, warm vermicelli noodles with fresh greens, inari sushi rolls & an "epic salad" with everything working in perfect harmony. Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed some wholesome desserts like dried fruit goodness balls using our organic dried fruit mix and some decadent fig & pistachio balls dipped in cacao & coconut oil!

Along with taking time out from the daily buzz, the lunch was a wonderful way to sample some of our own products & celebrated all the cultural influences that make up Honest to Goodness.