1. Buckwheat Flour
Buckwheat flour is great for pancake mixes, cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals and noodles but not suitable for bread making. It is typically coarser and more highly coloured than wheat flour. The cool thing about Buckwheat that despite its name it’s actually a seed/flower, not a grain!

Gluten Free Recipe: Buckwheat Pancakes or Buckwheat and Chia Bread

2. Millet Flour
Millet flour is great for making speciality flat bread, tortillas and corn chips.  It has a subtle sweetness and commonly used in combination with other flours in baked goods. Like Buckwheat, Millet is actually a seed, not a grain.

Gluten Free Recipe:  Bajra Roti Breads

3. Quinoa Flour
Quinoa flour is a great source of protein, and a popular substitute of flour for gluten-free baking. You can swap out organic quinoa flour for approximately half of the all-purpose baking flour in many recipes or completely replace wheat flour in cakes and cookie recipes.

Gluten Free Recipe:  Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

4. Rice Flour
Produced when whole brown or white rice grain is milled into fine flour, rice flour is fantastic when used for shortbread and some varieties of oriental noodles. It should be combined with baking powder as it tends to produce crumbly baked goods when used alone.

Gluten Free Recipes:  Shortbread Biscuits or Gluten Free Fresh Pasta

5. Coconut Flour
Due to its slightly sweet nature, coconut flour is great for pancakes, waffles, muffins, quick breads and cakes. However, in baking, you cannot substitute coconut flour for wheat or other grain-based flours at a 1:1 ratio. Substitute 1/3 to 1/4 cup coconut flour for 1 cup grain-based flour (about 15-25%). Coconut flour is very absorbent so you will need additional liquid or eggs to grain flours, and generally very little coconut flour is needed for recipes. If you are new to using coconut flour in baking, a good place to start is with pancakes because the batter can easily be corrected if that first pancake doesn't turn out very well.  From there, once you have a feel for coconut flour, you can graduate onto other yummy treats!

Gluten Free Recipes: Coconut Pancakes or Coconut Flour Tortillas

6. Baking Powder – Gluten Free & Aluminium Free
With no nasty after taste gluten & aluminium free baking powder can be used to make self-raising flour. For every cup of gluten free plain flour add 2 teaspoons of baking powder and mix well.

Gluten Free Recipe: Sweet Potato Brownies

7. Guar Gum
Used for baking including cakes, muffins, bread, cookies and pizza dough recipes. Only a very small quantity of guar gum is needed for thickening to create a 'sticky' quality. If too much is used, baking tends to become heavy and stringy in texture. Add ¼ - ½ teaspoon of guar gum per one cup of gluten-free flour used.

8. Chia Seeds 
Chia seeds are wonderful for gluten free baking, because they are an excellent binder and thickener. It can be used in many recipes that call for ground flax seed, but it’s a good idea to use ½ as much because it is a more powerful binder. The amount needed may depend on the recipe, and might take a little trial and error. A small amount of chia can also replace xanthan or guar gum.

Gluten Free Recipe: Brown Rice, Chia & Sesame Crackers

9. Almond Meal
Almond meal is great for baking moist and dense gluten free cakes, biscuits, crumble or add to your smoothies for extra protein.  It is available in a few varieties - Organic Almond Meal Natural where the whole raw almond has been ground into a meal (husk, skin and all) and Almond Meal Blanched which is a white creamy colour due to the removal of the husk prior to the almonds being ground.

Gluten Free Recipe: Orange & Almond Cake

10. Hazelnut Meal
Like almond meal, Hazelnut Meal is great for baking moist and dense gluten free cakes and biscuits with a slightly sweeter taste than almond meal. The hazelnuts are simply ground whole into a meal. A good trick is to incorporate beaten egg whites (soft peaks) which will aerate the batter and give you a lighter consistency & texture.

Gluten Free Recipe: Upside down Banana & Hazlenut Cake