Our resident greenie Lilli on sustainability and Honest to Goodness the green way…

A sustainable business is one that does not compromise the environment or society in order to promote growth and financial gain. As we live in a world that is predominantly fuelled by finite resources there is an ever growing need for companies to devote more time and resources towards sustainable practices.

Food is a multi-billion dollar industry. From agricultural production to manufacturing, transportation, distribution and retail, there are environmental and social effects at each level. For this reason, the way a business chooses to operate has the capacity to make a vast difference to the environment. But it’s not just the influence of businesses that have the power to make change – it starts at the individual level. The consumer holds a very powerful position as ultimately what the customer wants will shape the way a business functions. With each purchase we make we are making a statement as to the future world we would like to live in.

Buying organic whole food to contribute to a more sustainable planet…

  • Pesticides – not only kill intended pests, they also wipe out the beneficial micro-organisms that plant roots depend on for growth. As the soil quality deteriorates, there is a reduced capacity for water retention and plants becoming increasingly dependent on fertilisers and chemicals to grow. The net result is an increased need for water and resources for crop production.

More on our sustainable & fair trade Organic Coconut Oil...

  • Processed food vs whole food – higher carbon emissions and use of natural resources involved in the production, processing and packaging of “supermarket food”.
  • Fair trade – fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Choosing these products is an investment in local communities and supports environmentally sustainable farming practices. After all, shouldn’t we be looking after the precious people who are at the core of food production?
  • Food miles – eating seasonally and locally where possible to reduce unnecessary transportation.

At Honest to Goodness we’re not just avid foodies. We’re conscious that every aspect of our business has an effect on the world’s ecosystems.

  • We choose to only work with suppliers who actively promote and believe in being environmentally friendly.
  • We actively reduce, reuse and recycle and have processes and resources in place to enable recycling throughout the business.
  • We print all of our marketing materials and business cards on 100% recycled paper, using 100% vegetable ink.
  • We use non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the business.
  • We encourage our customers to build their own co-ops and provide competitive pricing for bulk purchasing to encourage less packaging.
  • We actively support organic & biodynamic farming through our commitment to sustainable agriculture, by expanding the market for organic products.
  • Our Showroom and warehouse lighting is all LED which is more energy efficient.
  • We have sourced and imported bulk gravity bins to use in our Showroom to encourage packageless purchasing and bulk buying to reduce waste.

We do the best we can to tread lightly in all facets of our business but we are keen to do much more! We are moving to Alexandria in August and as we grow we are committed to keeping sustainability at the forefront of the business. If you have any great ideas for the new warehouse or would like to contribute to the evolution of Honest to Goodness we would love to hear from you. Planet lovers, students, experts and greenies, please email me on office@goodness.com.au