At Honest to Goodness we always prefer locally grown products when available. In instances where the products are not available or only available in very limited volumes locally, we look to supplement our supplies from overseas producers.

Kindred Organics
Kindred Organics, Tasmania

Whilst we are mindful of “food miles’ we take the view that not all international trade in food products is bad. Some supply is better than no supply, right! We also often tend to find that by just having a product available (albeit from an overseas producer), can lead to the development of demand for a product. This in turn can later lend itself to the development of a locally grown alternative.

Farmers, understandably, are often reluctant to grow products for which there is no known demand or price history. Quinoa is a case in point. The availability of imported quinoa has peaked the interest of local producers and so today we have Australia's very first commercially grown quinoa crop, by Kindred Organics

Secondly, we take the view that some products have a lower environmental impact and important social benefit when produced in other countries. Fair trade or direct trade arrangements are a great example of this.

Niugini Coconut OilOur Organic Coconut Oil is sourced from a small remote community, on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. The volcanic soils are rich in natural minerals and the island provides perfect climatic conditions for coconut palms.

The processing and value adding of the oil is completed by the same community, that grows and harvests the coconuts. Our purchasing of this product sees direct tangible benefits flow directly to this community through employment and income.

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