Do you remember doing work experience in high school? We do! It gave you a taste for the real world working environment and H2G was lucky enough to have Emily join us for a few days to see what H2G is really about!

Emily wrote about her time here and we thought we'd share the love...

"Over three days in November I did work experience at Honest to Goodness where I was assisted by all employees of Team Goodness, who only wanted the best for me. I got to experience this company from behind the scenes; I got to see what most people don’t. The culture within this place is that of unity and working together through teamwork.

It was an incredible experience to view so many products starting their journey  then follow it all the way to sales.

Seeing the company from this perspective gave me an opportunity to see how all the different aspects of a business come together. There’s a lot more to it than you think.

There are so many products I have never heard of or seen before either. I like baking at home and have tried a few odd things before though, Mum is always trying to find a healthier alternative.

At home we have been exchanging vegetable oil with coconut oil, white sugar with rapadura or coconut sugar and chocolate bits with cacao nibs.  I have heard a lot about how versatile coconut butter is. Now I know where it comes from, it’s an inspirational place. How this company has really grown and become successful, you are able to see why.

Undertaking work experience at Honest to Goodness was one of the best places I could have been to. Honest to Goodness, I am really grateful for you having me and giving me an incredible experience. Thanks to everyone that made my stay here interesting and fun!"