About Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness was established in 2002 by owner Matt Ward and his wife Karen, who continue to own and operate the business today as one of Australia’s leading companies that supplies quality organic food & natural products.

Honest to Goodness was originally founded on the back of growing frustrations with the direction that the food industry was taking, and the desire to make healthy food and ingredients affordable for everyone. Matt and his wife Karen started by selling unpackaged nuts and dried fruits at various growers' markets around Sydney. The farmers markets remain an integral part of the business today in addition to the online shopAlexandria store based at their Sydney headquarters, as well as the 600+ independently owned retailers selling Honest to Goodness products around the country.

Matt has actively kept the Honest to Goodness brand out of the two major supermarket chains and advocates for independent grocers. He believes that small to medium size business can maintain the upper hand in the organic & natural foods sector despite growing competition. Matt believes in food that represents good value to consumers and is convinced that people are starting to see through the hype and marketing out there, and are looking for healthier, more socially responsible choices when buying their food. Matt is committed to his dream of a sustainable, ethical food business that all involved, enjoy being a part of.

One of the key understandings at Honest to Goodness is that we remain forever conscious that the foods we sell become a part of the families who eat them, and this is why we favour ethical and nutritious food.

More Goodness Facts & Info

  • "No Nasties Added" simply means you will find nothing weird or nasty in anything within our range. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats or GMO's.
  • We actively support organic and biodynamic farming.
  • Our Vision is: "To Make Honest, Healthy Living Possible". Read more about our values.
  • We are an award-winning sustainable business, which consciously reuses, recycles and refuses in our day to day operations.
  • You can meet Matt, Karen and the rest of the team here.