Tawnya Bahr

Tawnya Bahr

JudeTawnya Bahr is a Le Cordon Bleu trained Chef and food consultant. She also runs farm and market tours in New South Wales. She is passionate about foodie adventures, organising industry masterclasses and sharing her culinary journey and knowledge with like-minded foodies. She also has an artisan christmas hampers business filled with local food products from around New South Wales and other parts of Australia.

Tawnya is passionate about sharing her knowledge and passion for ethical farming practices, agriculture diversity, sustainability and support for eating seasonally. She has been involved in the natural food industry and gourmet foods for nearly 20 years.

In 1997 she established KBH as a small producer and distributor of gourmet foods. The brand created a Condiment Connoisseur range as well as representing other boutique manufacturers by showcasing quality gourmet condiments, that focused on natural and local ingredients. Tawnya gained many insights into the different aspects of the gourmet food industry through sourcing the ingredients for manufacture and learning about labelling, branding, packaging and nationwide distribution.

After selling the gourmet food distribution side of the business in 2000, she continued to follow her passion, turning her attention to packaging gourmet Christmas hampers. She began forming new and exciting relationships with regional farmers and producers. The Artisan Christmas hampers were filled with local food products from around New South Wales and other parts of Australia. In early 2012, she established Tawnya Bahr Food Consulting to offer her own wealth of knowledge and that of her many professional colleagues to foodies and industry around the country to help them on their own culinary journey. Going straight to the source, creating foodie adventures and organising industry producer tours are the passions that drive Tawnya. You can find out more about her foodie tours here.

Tawnya has "recipes coming out of the ears" which are wholesome, innovative and showcase beautiful products. She has been supporting Honest to Goodness since the early days and we truly appreciate her delicious recipes she shares with our community.