Real Food Revival

Real Food Revival

We're Anna and Nat, two friends with a passion for eating the way our bodies are designed to. Priding ourselves on real foods and bringing back the traditional techniques we seem to have lost in our modern culture. Our families literally eat their way to health, by embracing real foods with lots of fat, rich in probiotics, and healing ingredients. We both hope that you will gain knowledge and food empowerment from what we have to offer.

Anna is a mother of one. Five years ago after the birth of her daughter, her quest for real foods began. Wanting only to provide the very best nutrition for herself and her family. The evidence was clear that mainstream nutrition guidelines and advice was clearly not the greatest way to bring up healthy and robust children.

Researching and taking part in different courses over the years, she empowered herself to start her own food culture at home, teaching family & friends the basics and fundamentals of great health.

Anna believes the true way to optimal health is in fermenting foods & drinks, eating lots of butter & fat and having that coffee with dare i say it.. raw milk. With excitement she welcomes you to join her on the journey of Real Food Revival and kick start the basic food knowledge we should never have lost.

Nat is a mother of three. Her journey into nutrition began when she started to research ways to help her eldest son, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just before he turned three. Aside from behavioural therapies, she found herself desperately at a crossroads, looking at either medication or dietary intervention as her only options left. Thankfully she found nutrition to be her saviour in easing Autistic symptoms and was able to raise her child without the need for medication.

Continuing on her path of nutrition and gaining more knowledge of the power of health she has now started to reverse some of the Autistic symptoms in her child. Her sons quality of life has progressed from a low functioning, anxious and challenging child to now a much more happy, healthy and, most of all, thriving high functioning boy.

Nat's dream is to share this passion, empower parents in their own homes, and show just what is possible with a foundation of health to the many families struggling with medical issues, in themselves and their children.

We want you to be bursting with vitality, wisdom and health so join us on our Real Food Revival!