Busy Bees Kitchen

Busy Bees Kitchen

Bianca is better known as Bee…or to her foodie fans, Busy Bee. She is a business owner and, like many of us, she is in constant pursuit of that elusive work/life balance. One of her key strategies involves getting into the kitchen and getting creative with real, honest, unprocessed food.

Into the mixing bowl of life she stirs management of a health condition and food intolerances, a desire to lead a healthy, sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle, and a commitment to nourishing her friends and family with nutritious, delicious food!

Bee firmly believes in Nourishment, Joy, and Creativity when it comes to what you put onto your plate and into your body. She is keen to empower people in their own kitchens by showing them that we are never too busy to eat well. She achieves this by developing simple, wholefood, and allergy-friendly ideas to fuel an active lifestyle.

Her recipes began as an instagram hobby and are now building into something new and unexpected, as more and more people follow her creative journey. She is particularly keen to show busy adults and active kids that nutritious and allergy-friendly food is colourful, fun, and easy to prepare!

Bee is an avid traveller, hiker, tea and animal lover. She embraces the ingredients of a healthy and fit lifestyle (as best she can) and is a certified personal trainer. She is keen to begin her studies in nutritional medicine shortly.

Follow Busy Bee’s fun and colourful approach to food via her instagram account @busy_bees_kitchen

Website coming in 2018…