Pure Harvest


Pureharvest is one of Australia's grassroots organic pioneers, established in 1979 in Prahan, Victoria, Australia, they have lead the way in organics in Australia. Believing the food we eat should stay as close to its natural state as possible to create happier, healthier people with strong bodies and clear minds.

Pureharvest see their role as suppliers of unadulterated, chemical free food as vitally important to the health of their customers. In 1987, they were the first Australian company to sell locally made whole bean soy milk, marketed under the "Aussie Soy" brand. Today this is still one of the leading Australian whole bean soy milk.

The tasty Pureharvest products available at Honest to Goodness are... Organic Non-dairy Milks; Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Rice Milk; original & calcium enriched, Soy Milk; original, calcium enriched, lite and malt free. Organic Crackers & Corn Cakes; Organic Corn Thins, Organic Corn Thins - Sesame & Linseed, Organic Rice Cakes.

By continuing to provide quality products, Pureharvest hopes to continue to support the growth of the organic and natural food industry, along with us at Honest to Goodness!
Categories: Supplier
Produce: Organic Non-dairy Milks
Area: Australia