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Rice & Pasta

Organic and natural noodles and pasta are a staple ingredient in many cultures. We have a delicious range of organic Italian pasta made with durum wheat and organic vegetables. Our pasta is available in retail and bulk sizes.

Organic and natural rice provides a good source of vitamins and minerals, fibre and a steady state of energy. Rice has been a staple food for over half the world for centuries. Rice can be enjoyed as a side dish, a risotto, fried, in salads, desserts and sushi. We stock a large range of organic, biodynamic and natural rices ranging from organic basmati and jasmine rice to organic wild rice.

Honest to Goodness specialises in the bulk wholesale and retail supply of organic and natural wholefoods including organic and natural grains and brans. We home deliver to most addresses Australia Wide. You can also visit us or collect your order from our showroom and warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney.