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Snacking & Sweets

Healthy Snacks, Healthy Trail Mix & Sweets

At Honest to Goodness, we understand the importance of nourishing you and your family with certified organic, natural, and preservative-free snacks. Our extensive snacking and sweets range is carefully sourced to cater to the needs of health-conscious individuals and families seeking high-quality products that taste great, are ethically sourced and contain no nasties like preservatives or fillers.

Healthy Snacks

Whether you’re choosing snacks for yourself, your family, schools, conferences, or business, we’ve got you covered with an extensive range of healthy snacks, healthy trail mix options and sweets that cater for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. When you purchase through us, you can feel confident knowing the products you are eating contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives, are certified organic or all-natural, GMO-free, and insecticide-free, and sourced with sustainability in mind.

Guilt-Free Sweets

Our range of delicious sweets caters for all ages and tastes – from organic licorice and ginger candies through to mouth-watering organic chocolate covered dried fruits and nuts, plus nutritious dark chocolate power bites with no additives or preservatives.

Dietary Needs Covered

When we source our healthy snacks, healthy trail mix options, and sweets, we try to cater for a range of dietary needs and sensitivities - from gluten free, egg free, wheat free and preservative free choices, to vegan, vegetarian, and nut-free snacks. You can find a full description and origin of source on each product page, plus a handy visual reference, so you can find products that match particular dietary needs.

Save When You Buy in Bulk

Honest to Goodness specialises in the bulk wholesale and retail supply of organic and natural wholefoods. Sign up as a wholesale customer and get free delivery for orders over $150 to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Alternatively, shop at our showroom in Alexandria, Sydney.