Meet some of our growers and suppliers here at Honest to Goodness.


Our growers & suppliers play an important role in providing the highest quality of products to Honest to Goodness. We take pride in the products we offer, making sure we carefully consider and follow a specific selection criterion before entering a new supplier partnership. We value building long-lasting, genuine relationships with sustainable, like-minded growers and suppliers to maintain the trust and integrity from all that we do as a brand.

While we try to source quality Australian grown products as much as possible, in some instances it is not a feasible option. Environmental factors such as climate, soils, and seasons mean that some products such as oats, macadamias and mangos grow optimally in Australia, whereas dates, pepitas and cranberries cannot thrive here the same way organically.

One thing that Honest to Goodness strives for is sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing, which means that we prefer to source our products as close to their native origins as possible as to avoid unnecessary handling and distribution costs and to ensure the best possible price and quality for all our customers.


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