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Wodonga Park Fruit and Nuts [Supplier Spotlight]

November 1, 2022 Team Goodness

We are pleased to introduce our new supplier Wodonga Park Fruit and Nuts, Australia’s leading producer and exporter of Biodynamic Macadamias. The team at Wodonga Park have been lovingly cultivating an industry-leading biodynamic orchard since 1987. Nestled within state forests in the Blackbutt plateau of Queensland, a region perfect for growing quality produce. The warm subtropical climate is ideal for cultivating crops that are high in quality and taste, with generous natural rainfall to ensure consistent crop growth. Biodynamic Macadamias are grown alongside avocados and lemons.

Wodonga park fruit and nuts

Holistic Soil Health

Building on the principles of organic farming, Wodonga Park uses a more holistic biodynamic approach. This not only prohibits the use of synthetic products but incorporates the use of natural remediation for any imbalances in growth conditions, using traditional agricultural practices. Biodynamic methods increase soil health and fertility, improving crop resilience, and bring a better quality yield. The soil is also ideal in this region because of its volcanic origin, resulting in productive soil which nurtures nutrient-rich crops.

Using a circular economy approach, local waste from rock quarries is upcycled into natural soil improvers. Together with composted chicken manure, Wodonga Park has found a sustainable way to ensure long-term soil nutrition, balancing these elements with other natural inputs such as kelp, as required. Conventional modern agriculture focuses on fertilisers with simply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, however holistic soil management facilitates a rich variety of soil nutrients, which ultimately end up enriching the nutrition of produce.

Holistic Pest Management

Wodonga Park also ensures a holistic approach to insect management. Beginning with healthy foundations of good soil and being surrounded by state forests creates the ideal situation to minimise pest imbalances. Being grown at a higher altitude and slightly cooler temperatures than other Macadamia farms in Australia, the shells are naturally thicker, which minimises any insect damage. To further develop a healthy symbiotic ecosystem, Wodonga Park releases beneficial insects to the farm, and uses natural extracts such as garlic, as required.

Great products!

The team at Wodonga Park are committed to the best agricultural practices to steward the land well and grow delicious products. We are pleased to introduce not only Wodonga Park's Raw Macadamias and Roasted and Salted Macadamias to our range, but also our Honest to Goodness Organic Macadamia oil, made from Wodonga Park biodynamically-grown macadamias!

We hope you love these biodynamically-grown Australian Macadamia products as much as we do!

Honest To Goodness Macadamia Oil

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