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Grains & Pulses


Organic and natural beans, lentils and peas (collectively known as pulses) are highly nutritious, economical and a very versatile staple food. Known for providing us with a natural and eco-friendly source of fibre and protein, pulses are a healthy choice for all.

Pulses are commonly added to salads, soups, casseroles, stir fries and veggie burger patties and their addition to any meal will make it more nutritious and satisfying. Many pulses can also be sprouted.

Grains and grain-based foods are versatile, highly nutritious, are a good source of fibre and packed with nutrients and phytonutrients. We stock a large range of organic grains including organic quinoa, organic amaranth, organic buckwheat, organic oats, organic spelt, organic barley, organic wheat, organic rye and organic millet. 

Grains can be milled, sprouted, cooked, added to soups, casseroles and baked.

Honest to Goodness specialises in the bulk wholesale and retail supply of organic and natural wholefoods including organic and natural beans, lentils, peas and pulses. We do home delivery or in-store delivery to most addresses Australia Wide. You can also visit us or collect your order from our showroom and warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney.