Sacred Grounds [Supplier Spotlight]

February 5, 2020 Honest to Goodness

Sacred Grounds products are ethical, socially responsible and, where possible, have a limited effect on the environment. One of the many reasons we love their products at Honest to Goodness..and that they satisfy our coffee habits.

Sacred Grounds producers come from Fairtrade Co-operatives in some of the world's most idyllic coffee growing regions in the third world countries.

By choosing the Sacred Grounds, you can make a difference to Fairtrade communities around the build schools in Ethiopia, roads in Papua New Guinea and provide better healthcare services in rural East Timor.

"At Sacred Grounds we do not see Fairtrade or organic as a marketing position, but as an obvious choice towards a more equitable and sustainable future."

Sacred Grounds Organic Fairtrade coffee range includes: Plunger grind, Espresso grind, Whole beans & Whole beans decaf. Sacred Grounds have said that through their sustainable and ethical practices, they want to make a difference. We hope by supplying the Sacred Grounds Organic and Fairtrade products, we can make more of a difference together!

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