Carwari [Supplier Spotlight]

December 11, 2019 Honest to Goodness

Carwari International was originally founded around 45 years ago and is a leading manufacturer of sesame products based in Sydney. They have incorporated traditional Japanese refined techniques and culture into their products since 2006.

Carwari was the first Australian manufacturer who produced "Black Tahini" made from black sesame seeds. Their tahini products are not only sold all over Australia but are also exported to Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Their range includes unique, certified organic products such as tahini, nuts, oils, miso paste, Japanese sauces & many more - all of which are crafted using traditional Japanese methods.

Carwari aims to produce healthy and reliable products to support you in having a healthier and better life. They strive to continuously introduce alternative gourmet food products to people's lives with our wide range of products made from selected ingredients.

Our organic products are certified by ACO.

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