This is a guest post by Amanda Brocket, owner of The Raw Food Kitchen. She is a great supporter of Honest to Goodness and we LOVE her passion for all things raw food! She runs regular raw food workshops in Sydney and is a contributor to our recipes page.  In this blog she shares with us her top tips for starting a raw food diet so that you know what to expect. She’ll also teach you how you can ride through any potential hiccups, and ensure your new lifestyle change will be a success!

Getting started on a raw food diet?

Despite all the known health benefits of eating raw, there are many reasons why a person might be scared off the idea of starting a raw food diet. Detox symptoms, not knowing where to find good produce, or thinking you won’t feel full and satisfied after a meal are things that all budding rawbies worry about in the beginning.

1. An important reminder

Write down the reasons why you’re doing this. It may be because you want to lose weight, or that you’re trying to feel as good as you used to, or that you want a clearer mind. Whatever the reason, it’s good to have this physical reminder because you may experience some detox symptoms in your first few weeks. Detox symptoms can often present as flu-like symptoms, and we recommend slowly incorporating more raw foods into your diet so you don’t experience these symptoms too severely. Simply adding more raw foods to your diet will naturally leave you with less room in your tummy for the nasty stuff.

2. Educate yourself

Read as much as you can without overwhelming yourself. Read books, blogs, testimonials, attend workshops or watch video tutorials by people who have been through the process before. By doing this you will gain valuable knowledge about what raw foods are, the power of these foods, and how your body will process and react to them.

3. Find some recipes you love and stock up!

The best part about a raw food diet is that you go from eating a limited or restricted diet with lots of rules to one that’s centred on abundance. Once you have some recipes you would like to try, visit your local organic grocer to find out what’s in season and load your trolley to the top with your favourite raw foods. Remember that you’re allowed to eat as much of these as you want, so why limit yourself?

Now is also a good time to stock up on speciality H2G superfoods that you can find in your local health store or in the H2G showroom. Maca PowderSpirulinaChlorellaWheat Grass Powder, Chia Seeds etc are also available to buy in bulk at a lower price online.

By now you should also know the equipment that you will need to get you started with raw – the most notable being a food processor, a blender, a good set of knives, and of course a juicer!

4. Get friendly with your juicer

Starting your day with a filling, nutrient-dense juice or smoothie is a great way to kick-start your metabolism and keep you satisfied until your mid morning snack. Green juices are so energising that you won’t even need a morning coffee! You can also juice or smoothie throughout the day if you’re feeling peckish for a snack. We have an excellent variety of juice recipes available on our website.

5. Make sure you’re eating enough food!

We cannot stress how important it is to eat enough food to keep you going through the day! This is especially true for anyone who has a vigorous exercise regime. One of the key reasons why people quit the raw food lifestyle is because they don’t eat enough and start to lose energy. Remember that you can eat as much as you like, as often as you like because you’re giving your body the right nutrients for it to thrive!

6. Find a community

As wonderful as the world of raw food is, there’s nothing that will put you off your game faster than feeling like you’re all alone in it. Find a community in your area that meets up regularly to share tips, tricks and recipes. You will meet a group of like-minded people who will also be able to teach you and guide you. We offer a great community on Facebook where you can join the tribe.

7. Workshops

Of course the best place to start your raw food journey is right at The Raw Food Kitchen. We have an amazing variety of workshops for people just getting started on their raw journey, so jump onto our website to check out our upcoming workshops. We’d love to help you learn more about what amazing health benefits raw foods can bring to you!

So H2G friends, have you tried a raw food diet and do you have any Spring dishes you're looking forward to trying?