Honest to Goodness - Buying Groups & Food Co-operatives


Food co-operatives and buying groups provide benefits to their members, both socially and financially.

The popularity of food co-ops & buying groups of all kinds are gaining momentum all over the world as people are seeking out healthy affordable foods and an ethical and sustainable supply chain. We hope we are able to make it as easy as possible for you to find the way of getting the goodness you want for yourself, your family, friends or business in the most affordable and sustainable way. 

What is a food co-op or buying group?

A food cooperative or food buying group is set up by its members and is usually run not for profit. Various forms of food co-ops exist, ranging from a small family & friends co-op that is often run from someone's home, to large community run co-ops that operate as an outlet that members and the general public can use.

What are the benefits of joining or starting a food co-op or buying group?

  • Access to affordable high-quality organic and natural food and health products
  • Experience a sense of community that comes from working together whilst sharing the joy of real food!
  • Buying in bulk reduces waste and costs
  • Combined shipping of multiple orders reduces carbon emissions and freight costs
  • You will be purchasing from a business with ethical values 

What Our Customers Say

"We have been ordering as a food group through H2G for several years now. The quality of the produce is consistently great. The service is friendly and prompt. Any issues are resolved quickly and painlessly. If you want to start a food buying group, or order in bulk for yourself, this is the company to do it through" - Matthew Bailey

I'm interested, but have more questions! 

Read our buying group frequently asked questions, tips and resources page for more information before signing up. 

Ready to Start?  

1. Simply fill in our standard wholesale application form here
2. We’ll get back to you within 12 to 18 hours with a password in order for you to login to our wholesale website
3. Login to our wholesale website with these details and you will see all the products at wholesale price and be able to make orders
4. Each wholesale order you place needs to be at a minimum of $500 (ex. GST & Shipping)
5. Payment can be made by Credit Card, Pay Pal or Bank Transfer
6.  Allow 3-5 days to receive your goods (depending on where you are located in Australia!)
7. When the order arrives let your members know and enjoy the goodness :)