Health and well-being begins with nourishing food. Enhance your wellness range with health products that tick all the right boxes.

People now are paying more attention to their food as they realise it is the primary driver of health and well-being.  We provide the high quality products, trusted branding and educational resources for you to be known as the go-to for naturally healing foods and eco-friendly household products.

Enhance your naturopathy consulting services with hard to find products, such as slippery elm and Manuka honey. Improve your clients’ personal training results by selling wholefoods, protein powders and healthy sustaining post training snacks. 

What Our Customers Say

"I have been a customer of Honest To Goodness for more than 2 years now, and I can't sing their praises enough. Their goods are impeccable, well priced and delicious. They are super fast to process orders and ship them to us in the far south-west corner of WA. If any issues arise, they are dealt with swiftly and without breaking a sweat. Our business would not be what it is without Honest to Goodness" - Lausanne Van Wyk, Six Seasons Market

It's easy to shop with Honest to Goodness, our products are available in a variety of pack sizes, which makes special order requests, bulk bins, and in-store food service simple and easy.

Explore how our functional and superfood range can add value to your business:


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