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Transform your wellbeing with
versatile, nutrient-dense powders.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of plant-powered goodness or trying superfoods for the first time, our Honest to Goodness range of superfood powders are sourced from some of the best organic superfood farms on the planet. We’re committed to sourcing only the highest quality, ethically sourced products for you and your family to enjoy. Our certified organic powders are not only versatile to use in smoothies, baking & raw food recipes, they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to help support your immune system.

By choosing our organic superfood powders, you can feel confident knowing our products are:

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Contain no added fillers
  • Contain no anti-caking agents
  • Contain no added flavours
  • Contains no preservatives  

NEW Organic Acai Powder

Our Organic Acai Powder contains a rich source of antioxidants, omega fatty acids and dietary fibre. This powerful superfood can help boost your immune system, promote healthy digestion and is the perfect addition to smoothies, acai bowls, yoghurt, or homemade energy bars. Incredibly, it takes 18-20kg of fresh organic Acai berries to create 1kg of our Organic Acai Powder! Organic Acai Berries have a rich, dark-berry flavour similar to a fruity chocolate bar. They're also slightly bitter, thanks to their elevated levels of antioxidants and low sugar content.

NEW Organic Blue Spirulina

Experience the vibrant colour and health benefits of our Organic Blue Spirulina. With its high antioxidant content, this superfood adds a pop of colour to smoothie bowls, lattes, and baked goods, making it as visually appealing as it is nutritious. Blue Spirulina derives its intense blue colour from the phycocyanin pigment, which is a blue pigment with antioxidant properties. 

Organic Spirulina

Organic Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Known for its high protein content and impressive nutrient profile, our Organic Spirulina offers a versatile addition to any smoothie or salad. Containing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, spirulina helps support a healthy immune function, and may assist in maintaining optimal energy levels. Add it to smoothies, juices, your favourite salad dressing for a nutritional boost. 

Organic Barley Grass Powder

With its high chlorophyll content, our Organic Barley Grass delivers a powerful antioxidant boost which can help support immune function and overall vitality. Organic Barley Grass Powder is produced from the dried leaves of organically grown young barley plants. It can be added to smoothies, juices, even your morning glass of water to experience its energising effects. 

Organic SuperGreens Blend

Honest to Goodness Organic SuperGreens Blend is a unique, nutritious, and alkalising combination of plant-powered superfoods. Made from 100% organic spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, wheatgrass and barley grass powders, this blend is packed with a range of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients. 

Organic Chlorella Powder

Derived from freshwater blue-algae, our Organic Chlorella Powder is renowned for being a complete food source, with its balanced ratio of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Grown in natural sweet water aquifers found 600 metres underground and below the water table, the algae is harvested, thoroughly washed to remove impurities then ground to crack the cell's tough wall to increase digestibility. 

Organic Maca Powder

Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, many athletes enjoy our Organic Maca Powder in their post-workout smoothies for enhanced recovery and performance. This energising wholefood is said to improve concentration and alertness and can be added to smoothies, yoghurt, muesli, or use in baking. 

Organic Baobab

Bursting with antioxidants and high in both fibre and Vitamin C, our Organic Baobab Powder is versatile and super nutritious! Try adding a tablespoon to your favourite smoothie, coconut water, juice or yoghurt, sprinkle it over your favourite muesli or morning porridge, blend it with yoghurt or add it to baking to increase the nutritional value of baked treats.


Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1

Organic Coconut Flour 5KG 1


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What are superfood powders?

Superfood powders are concentrated, nutrient-dense, and convenient forms of various superfoods such as fruits, vegetables, algae and other plants. These powders offer an easy way to incorporate a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your daily diet. 

Why add organic superfood powders to my diet?

Organic superfood powders provide a simple and effective way to boost your nutrient intake without consuming large quantities of whole foods. By choosing organic, you're ensuring that the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, providing a pure and natural source of nutrition.  

What are the benefits of consuming organic superfood powders over others?

Organic superfood powders often contain higher levels of nutrients than their non-organic counterparts. Additionally, organic farming practices are better for the environment and help support sustainable agriculture. By choosing organic, you're not only investing in your health but also the health of the planet.  

How often should I add superfood powders to my diet?

The frequency of adding superfood powders to your diet depends on your individual nutritional needs and goals. Some people choose to incorporate them into their daily routine, while others prefer to use them as an occasional boost. It's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist to determine the best approach for your specific needs. 

Can I mix superfood powders together?

Absolutely! Combining different superfood powders can provide a broader spectrum of nutrients and create unique flavours. Experiment with various combinations to find your favourite blends and enjoy the many benefits that these nutrient-packed powders have to offer.