Our mission here at Honest to Goodness is to be a sustainable business and to continually minimise our environmental impact through ethical and responsible business operations and activities.

This is our commitment to our team, our customers and our community. This  video goes through a few of our sustainability initiatives: 

We have managed to establish these practices in many of our everyday operations, but being a sustainable business is always an ongoing project, and one we are always trying to improve upon! 

Sustainable production
We actively support organic and biodynamic farming through our commitment to sustainable agriculture, by expanding the market for organic food products. 

No Nasties Added! 
Our product range is carefully prepared for the health of our environment and our customers.

Low Food Miles
We supply locally grown, harvested and packaged products where possible.

Fair & Ethical
It is our intent to improve the quantity of life in our local communities and in those around the world where our products are produced. We actively source a range of fairly produced products and choose to work with suppliers and growers who provide fair working conditions.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse
Respect our environment and consciously reuse, recycle and reduce in our day to day operations throughout our warehouse, office and showroom.

Quality Control
Our warehouse and production facility are organically certified and therefore never fumigated. We follow strict food handling guidelines and have a quality management system in place to ensure the best possible quality and handling of our products.

Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
When possible we purchase recycled paper products for office and marketing use.  Only non-toxic cleaning products are used throughout the business. Our cans and bottle lids are BPA-free. 

Bulk Buying
We encourage our customers to order and purchase food in bulk to minimise packaging, reduce waste, food costs and transportation. To make bulk buying easier, our product range is available in bulk sizes. We have also sourced and imported bulk gravity bins to use in our showroom and recently launched our online buying group solution for better enable our customers to form and manage co-ops.

Energy Efficiency

Our electricity is provided by a 100% renewable energy company, Powershop, which was ranked Australia's greenest electricity retailer by Greenpeace (2014 & 2015).
Powershop is also Australia's only carbon neutral energy retailer wand offsets all the electricity emissions we use. 

The installation of energy efficient CFL (compact fluorescent lights) has reduced our environmental impact and energy usage as they: 

  • Use less power (typical 75% saving in energy)
  • Last 5-8 times longer than conventional lighting (which will also save on electricity costs over time)
  • Gives off significantly less heat and reduced fire risk
  • Contain very small and safe amounts of mercury

Whilst what we here at H2G with regard to sustainability is because we are passionate about it, it is also nice to be recognised by others for the little things we do too!



Winner Energy Saver Award 2012


Regional Finalist Sustainable Business Awards

Certified B-Corporation
B Corporation