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10 Ways to Use Organic Tinned Tomatoes

May 24, 2017 Honest to Goodness

Organic Tinned Tomatoes are a delicious pantry staples and can also become the perfect last minute dinner life savers. Our organic tomatoes have been carefully sourced from Italy and have been freshly harvested, processed and tinned at the source. They are packaged in BPA free tins and are 100% Certified Organic with NO GMONO Artificial Flavours, NO Preservatives, NO Added Sugar and NO Added Salt!

So what can you make with these delicious tins of goodness? There are so many options, and Spaghetti Bolognese doesn't necessarily need to feature (we know this often comes first comes to mind!). Here are a few quick ideas to lead you in the right direction, and make them worthy of being a favourite pantry staple!


Simmer tomatoes in their own sauce with just a little extra water as well as fresh herbs and spices. You could add some chorizo and olives for a spanish inspired flavour! Crack eggs into the simmering sauce and cook/bake until eggs are set. Great for a breakfast (or even dinner!) that is both satisfying and healthy.

Baked Eggs


Toss strands of zucchini and/or carrot noodles with some tinned tomatoes, chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper to serve like pasta. Or simply top your bed of veggie noodles with juicy, sweet cherry tomatoes! A 5-minute meal that could never go wrong!


Infuse white fish, like John Dory or Cod with tonnes of flavour by poaching it in a tin or two of tomatoes, olives and capers.


Save some of your chopping time by adding drained diced tomatoes to a mixture of red onion, capsicum, coriander, chilli and lime juice for a fragrant Mexican salsa for taco nights!

Tomato Salsa


Dreaming of feasting in Italy? Briefly simmer cooked white beans in tomatoes with desired seasoning for a simple, satisfying dinner.


Spread a layer of diced or cherry tomatoes inside the sandwich before grilling or toasting.


Turn the Italian sauce into a lush Indian one. Sauté ginger, chilli, extra garlic and curry powder, then add a tin of diced tomatoes with half as much of our Organic Coconut Milk. Simmer until the flavours meld, and season with salt and coriander.

Tomato Curry


Add more flavour to your bake! Drain diced tomatoes and sauté with garlic, spinach or kale and then stir this through your pasta mix before baking in the oven.


Steam mussels and clams in tomatoes with sauce, herbs and spices until the shellfish pop open. The seafood juices will add a wonderful ocean flavour!


Chutney is a delicious wholesome condiment which you can make in big batches and store in the fridges for months! Great to make using the organic diced tomatoes.

Tomato Chutney

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