A Letter from PNG -Making a Difference through Fair Trade

Niugini Organics - Fair Trade Partnerships Making a Difference.

Just this week we received a letter from one of our supply partners that reinforced to us why we do what we do here at Honest to Goodness. We would love to share this little story with you as it shows how the products which you choose to purchase, can make a difference to people you don’t even know you touch.

Elizabeth Likky is the village Liason Officer and a supplier of coconuts which go into making the Niugini Organic Coconut Oil & Organic Coconut Oil Soaps that we range. You may well have these in your kitchen or bathroom or if you are a retailer, in your shop! By buying this brand of coconut oil or coconut oil soap, you can read first-hand how it has helped her, her family and the whole community she lives in. Read her notes here or below is a brief extract…

“I must admit the program contributes a lot in sorting out financial constraints. I am paying off school fees and meeting other essential expenses with income I get from selling coconuts to this small factory.

In this Province, East New Britain, we have two main cash crops for cash earnings. They are coconut and cocoa. Since the Cocoa Pod Borer devastated the cocoa crop, the village people have no other option but to concentrate on coconuts. With the small locally owned factory established in our area, we are fortunate to sell coconuts for quick cash and have access to the free service of transport to the factory. I am proud of the products that are made here and sold to other countries."

Niugini Organics have recently purchased heavy duty wheelbarrows for the villagers in each area to share. It may not sound significant but this is the only form of in-field transport available and the only practical solution to narrow jungle paths. Try carrying one thousand coconuts if you are not sure! Part of Elizabeth's job includes handling the demand for the wheelbarrows and getting them on to the next user as soon as a smallholder is finished collecting their coconuts.

The health benefits of Organic Coconut Oil are well known. However, we see the Niugini Brand of Coconut Oil and soaps as offering us a lot more than their nutritional and healing benefits. Sourced from the small village of Napapar in Papua New Guinea, our Coconut Oil has traveled the least miles of all the coconut oils on the market! And on top of this, all of the profits go back to the local village! Many customers on many occasions have said it is the best coconut oil around, and what a great story behind this brand!

Keep up the great work Niugini! All I can say is, I am glad I am not carrying the coconuts!

17th May 2017 Honest to Goodness