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Australian Drought Crisis: What this Means for our Crops

March 13, 2019 Honest to Goodness

During 2018, Australian farmers experienced the effects of the worst drought in more than 40 years.
The Bureau of Meteorology’s rainfall records shows that the state of New South Wales, and large swathes of Queensland and Victoria, are experiencing some of the driest conditions on record. The Bureau’s climate outlook for 2019 is a continuation of these hot and dry conditions for Eastern Australia.

What this means for growers in these areas, is that they will be experiencing significantly diminished crop yields for the second consecutive year. Farmers in the worst affected areas have seen these last two years without harvesting a single grain. For many farmers, the thought of going two years without their primary source of income is unimaginable, and for some a brutal reality.

Australian Drought Crisis

Seeds rely not only on rainfall but also moisture already in the soil, which carries nutrients for plant growth and regulates soil temperature. Therefore, while there may be periods of rain now, it may take years for the soil to regain its moisture.

With shortages across the full spectrum of cereal grains and pulses, stock is harder for us to source and prices have risen sharply.

Some of the products we have seen an effect on already include:

  • Organic Australian Flours - Price Increases
  • Organic Australian Grains – Price Increases
  • Organic Honey – Price Increases
  • Organic Millet – Long term out of stock
  • Organic Macadamias – Long term out of stock
  • Australian Macadamias – Limited Stock
  • Organic Australian Oats - Limited Stock

Whilst our Australian growers and suppliers do their best to prepare and compensate for fluctuating weather conditions in order to deliver consistent, high-quality products to the market, the extremity of current conditions means that a portion of inflated Australian grown commodity prices will now be reflected in our updated pricing.


The first and foremost thing you can do to support our Australian farmers during this time of crises is to continue to buy their produce. Despite rises in product cost, our farmers need the income to continue farming and care for their families.

You can also donate to drought relief charities such as the following:

Drought Angels

Rural Aid

Aussie Helpers

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