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Brazil Nut Shortage of 2017 [Product Update]

November 8, 2017 Honest to Goodness


These deliciously tasty, large, curved nuts are grown on the towering Brazil nut trees that are situated in the Amazonian rainforests of South America. Brazil nuts are grown in clusters inside pods of up to 30 nuts, which fall from great heights into nearby waterways and are collected by locals of remote communities, who play a role in harvesting them every year.


Unfortunately, we are currently faced with a global shortage of Brazil nuts as latest figures and reports show that supplies are now down by 60-70%. The low rainfall towards the end of last year (possibly linked to El Niño) has severely affected the Brazil nut harvest in Bolivia, where at least half of the global crop is grown.

Our supplier has explained to us: “The collectors return from the forest with the news that the pods are empty and the trees have simply not produced the usual nuts. At this late stage, any additional pods that have fallen would be rotten from the rain and heat. These would produce nuts unsuitable for human consumption.

Many companies have already drastically reduced or will be temporarily removing Brazil nuts from their mixes and sales of Brazil nuts as a straight line are expected to be almost non-existent. Widespread defaults are obviously likely, with no supplies and few solutions. There will need to be research to see if this is a one-off occurrence or if something is affecting the Amazon native wild Brazil nut trees.” 


Due to the global situation, once our current stock of Organic Brazil Nuts has sold through, we are likely to be out of stock for the remainder of the year and may need to consider reformulating our other lines that contain this product. 

Whilst this is an unfortunate outcome for all Brazil nut lovers out there, we mostly feel for the local rainforest communities who make a living out of harvesting this nutritious nut, and hope that circumstances change soon for the better of their welfare.

Towering tall Brazil nut trees

Towering tall Brazil nut trees.

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