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Gevity RX [Supplier Spotlight]

October 11, 2022 Team Goodness

Gevity Rx is a family-owned, Australian company that believes happy, healthy, people create the best food. Their bone broth is the most versatile on the market, and delicious – Sip, cook, create, blend, whiz, baste, drizzle and dip!

Bone Broth Body Glue dinner recipes


Mark and Atlanta, the founders of Gevity Rx, have one of the most inspiring stories.

Their journey started about 8 years ago when Atlanta started suffering from extreme exhaustion, mood swings, crippling anxiety, and panic attacks. It was very scary for them and very painful for Mark to watch the woman he loves slip away from him and somewhat even from reality.

With no idea what was causing it, they did everything they could to try and get Atlanta onto the road of recovery. After spending thousands of dollars on both traditional and functional treatments with no result, they realized they needed to solve this themselves. The doctor visits stopped, and they began researching and experimenting with every natural health solution they could find.

After discovering Atlanta’s symptoms were linked to issues with gut health and more specifically “leaky gut”, which was causing chronic food allergies and inflammation and in turn, destroying her overall health, they realized they needed to start working on healing the gut.

In theory, it seemed straightforward, i.e., pull out the bad stuff that is causing issues (gluten, sugar, processed dairy, lectins etc.) and add in some bone broth to help heal the gut lining. After doing this with no improvement in Atlanta’s health they took matters into their own hands.

After lab testing every bone broth product available, the results were that the bone broths on the market only had a small amount of the collagen-forming amino acids responsible for healing the gut lining (along with all other connective tissue in the body).

For the next several months they started experimenting to develop a unique and highly concentrated version of a traditional bone broth. This contained nothing other than nutrients from quality bones, plus salt. No meat, no veg and barely any water.

What resulted was a super thick glue-like substance. It was the “glue” Atlanta needed to reseal her gut lining and stop inflammation crippling the rest of her body. The unique consistency came from the extremely high collagen content which was over 1000% or 10 times higher than a traditional liquid bone broth.

Fast forward about 3 months and the changes were dramatic. Atlanta’s health was fast getting back on track. And that was the start of what became Gevity Rx.


Ethical standards

  • Beef Bones sourced are hormone and antibiotic free
  • Source organic and Australian ingredients where possible
  • Lab tested and verified 

How is it made?

Bone Broth Body Glue Range:

  • Made without using meat or vegetables 
  • Limited amount of water in the product to assist in a higher concentration of nutrients
  • Paleo friendly 
  • Free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars

Bone Broth Sauce Range:

  • Made using premium organic extra virgin olive oil. Regular sauces usually contain vegetable oils
  • Free from egg, soy, refined sugar, inflammatory vegetable/seed oils and preservatives

Unique benefits of each range:

Bone Broth Body Glue Range:

  • World’s most nutrient-dense bone broth
  • 10 times more collagen-forming amino acids per gram than traditional bone broth
  • Never dehydrated or treated with extreme heat or destructured in any way to assist with optimal absorption and achieve max bioavailability 
  • One jar makes 39 cups of nutrient-dense bone broth / 9.75 litres

Bone Broth Sauce Range:

  • Two tablespoons equals one serve of body glue
  • Infused with digestible fibre from organic psyllium husk and non-digestible fibres from chicory root as an added prebiotic 
  • Nutrient-dense versions of everyone’s favourite sauces

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