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How magnesium flakes help relieve aches and growing pains for sporty teens

June 9, 2022 Team Goodness

Joining Honest to Goodness has given me an opportunity to try an incredible array of delicious wholefoods, and equally, to try out some of the beauty and cleaning and other products that we offer.

As a Mum of two teenage children, both have experienced 'growing pains' from rapid growth spurts whilst doing a wide array of sports from football to tennis to netball to volleyball to cricket and more. Almost all sports have jarring 'stop-start-land-pivot' actions that place a huge amount of strain and pain onto growing limbs. Pretty much every day of sport (which is 7 out of 7), my daughter and son would complain of muscular aches and pains in their legs or in their feet.

One of the remedies that actually makes a difference has been our Honest to Goodness Magnesium Flakes. What started as Magnesium Flakes gifted in their Santa stockings has grown into a ritual of soothing bathtub soaks after sport and foot soaks that they asked to continue, as it really made a difference in their recovery. With a teen son who wears orthotic insole supports due to arches needing support, as well as rapidly growing limbs that can't keep up aligning muscles to limb length, foot soaks have been especially beneficial to help ease aching feet after long days of school, sports and a part-time job rushing around on his feet.

Our 100% natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes are sustainably sourced from the ancient 'Zechstein' seabed in Northern Europe, hence their exotic name!

Magnesium is an essential mineral for our overall health and wellbeing. Our unscented Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Flakes are pure, natural and unrefined. They contain no additives, chemicals or anti-caking agents. The fact they are unscented also makes them suitable for more sensitive skin.

Either as a foot soak in a tub, in front of the television or whilst reading a book, or as a bathtub soak, both my teens enjoy regular soaks using our Magnesium Flakes to help ease muscular leg and foot pain after sports. We add one cup for a foot soak and 2 cups to a bathtime soak, ensuring the water is warm rather than hot, for optimum body benefits.

Also, this bathtime is definitely device free time, because I get my teens to soak their arms and hands, not just again to relieve upper body muscular aches and tensions from sports, but equally to ease neck, arm and hand tensions from being on laptops and devices at school and for homework.

It goes without saying that this is a great way for parents as well to relax and recharge tired muscles in busy lives, so we have traded up to the even better value bulk size 5kg pack of Zechstein Magnesium Flakes, to cater to our entire family. 

How a magnesium flakes soak can help freshen up your teen!

As Mums (of teenage boys especially)- will know, those sports shoes are not fresh for long with adolescent feet (and neither are the teen feet inside them!).

Another trick is to add a little of our Organic Peppermint Essential Oil in to a cup of magnesium flakes for a rejuvenating, refreshing foot soak, or perhaps some of our Organic Lavender Essential Oil for a relaxing and wind-the-day-down bath, which is equally great to shift a teen to wind-down mode after the adrenaline of sports participation.

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