Make the Switch to a Natural Deodorant

Are you thinking of cleaning up your self-care routine? Free from the nasties conventional antiperspirants use to stop you sweating, a natural deodorant is a great place to start. Founder of My Majo Natural Products Lyndall Cloudesley shared her tips with us on making the switch work for your pits.

Nature designed us to perspire for two important reasons. When our body senses that it is overheating, we sweat to reduce our body temperature. It is also a way of releasing toxins.

Natural vs Chemical Deodorants 

The aluminium, parabens and sulphates found in antiperspirant products clog the pores and stop this process. Natural deodorants do not disrupt the body’s natural detoxification process by allowing your body to perspire. The active ingredients in an effective natural deodorant absorb moisture and kill bacteria growth, neutralizing body odour.

When transitioning to a natural deodorant it can take a few days to work for some. This may be because your body is pushing out the chemicals and aluminium from your previous deodorants/antiperspirant.

You can help this process along by:

  • Using a Natural Charcoal soap as it draws out blockages in your pores.
  • Gently exfoliating your pits weekly.
  • Wearing clothing made with natural fibres (For example cotton or hemp)

How to use My Majo Natural Deodorants

When applying a natural deodorant, dry your pits then gently massage a pea-size amount into the area. Your body heat to melt the paste making it easy to spread. A common mistake people make is to apply too much deodorant. A pea-sized amount should be all you need to be effective. Depending on the deodorant you use, one application may be enough to last you throughout the day.

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12th Feb 2021 Honest to Goodness