Mountain Water Processed Decaffeinated Coffee

July 21, 2022 Team Goodness

All the flavour without the buzz. Enjoy a pure, organic cup.

For those of us that love the coffee taste and ritual but can’t handle the buzz, decaffeinated coffee is a hero amongst beverages!

There are a few different methods that are used to extract caffeine from coffee beans. The most common way is by using a solvent such as Methylene Chloride (also used to strip paint!) or Ethyl acetate, a natural fruit acid that is also used to make nail polish remover. Whilst these methods are deemed to be safe to consume, there is another way…

Honest to Goodness Organic Decaffeinated Coffee is pure, natural and chemical-free. Our beans are decaffeinated using the crisp glacial waters of Pico de Orizaba, Mexico’s highest mountain. The process is complex and takes place at a specialised decaffeination plant in Córdoba, Veracruz in Mexico.

Opened in 1983, the plant was the first of its kind in Latin America and has continually innovated to refine the Mountain Water Process to extract caffeine while maintaining flavour, aroma and consistent quality.

The process takes place before roasting when the beans are still green. Harnessing the principles of osmosis, the beans are gently steamed then immersed in melted glacial water that has been saturated with the compounds of coffee that are responsible for flavour. As osmosis occurs, caffeine moves out of the beans while the essential flavour elements remain, balanced by the water already containing the flavour elements. The beans are then dried, analysed and cupped.

Our Single Origin Mexican beans were chosen for how they maintain their body, flavour and aroma following the decaffeination process. Organically grown, the beans are locally roasted in Sydney, Australia.

It’s decaffeinated coffee without compromise.

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