Organic Raw Honey | Why Each jar Is Unique

Honest to Goodness Organic Raw Honey is as pure as can BEE! We are proud to say that the only thing in our jars is just pure honey goodness. Our honey has nothing added, is unpasteurised and has undergone very little processing before it comes to you so all the goodness stays inside.

With such a pure and natural product, this means no two batches are the same in terms of flavour, consistency and colour - that's the nature of organic products!

Learn more below about what makes your honey unique in taste, colour and texture:


Bees forage on nectar and pollen from blooming plants, so what they eat will dramatically influence the taste of the honey they produce. Honest to Goodness Organic Raw Honey is a Eucalyptus Honey which means it is sourced from bees that have foraged mostly on Australian Eucalyptus trees. However, there are more than 80 different Australian Eucalyptus species, each with their own unique flavour and aroma.

Bees may travel up to 4km away from where their hive is located and can forage on any of the many eucalyptus species on their way. Because the bees are free to roam, we have no control over what they eat which results in a unique and slightly varied taste in the honey each time.

Australian Organic Raw Honey


Seasons and weather changes will impact the taste of honey as well. An unusually wet or dry season will affect honey’s water content. The current Australian drought has meant flowering plants are in shorter supply than usual and the taste of the honey has been sometimes stronger in flavour than in times gone by. This will change again as the season and weather changes.

The current drought has also resulted in a shortage of Australian Organic Honey.

Australian Organic Raw Honey


Using high temperatures for extraction – commonly used for squeezy, free-flowing liquid honey - can destroy the natural antibacterial properties and phytonutrients found in raw honey, propolis and wax. So, to retain all that goodness, our honey is extracted from the honeycomb using low heat (less than 45 degrees Celsius), also known as the ‘cold extraction’ method. Before bottling the honey is then passed through two sieves to filter out any remaining beeswax or other bits and pieces that may have come from the hive.

As our honey is not pasteurised, it will naturally crystallise more readily than conventional honey. This is normal and natural! Read our blog Crystallised Honey, Good or Bad? to find out more >>

Australian Organic Raw Honey


So what is the difference between organic raw honey and the honey you commonly find in supermarkets?Australian Organic Raw Honey

In an effort to produce a consistent taste, texture and colour, traditional supermarket honey is treated at high temperatures through a process called pasteurisation. This process will extend the shelf life and make it consistently runny, however, destroys a lot of the goodness at the same time. Traditional honey can often contain a blend of honey from different sources in order to create a consistent taste. Or even more shockingly, some brands choose to bulk up their honey with other substances that look and taste like honey but are in fact cheap sugar syrups.

Rest assured, our honey is delivered directly to us from our trusted beekeepers and is 100% organic and pure. We add nothing to it and do our very best to take nothing away from it either. You can be confident knowing that you are buying a pure product, supporting Australian farmers and fuelling up on the nutritional benefits of our delicious honey!


If we can’t control what the bees eat, how can honey be certified organic you may ask? To comply with ACO standards, beehives must be constructed from certified organic materials and only exposed to organic environments and preparation methods. Hive sites are regularly audited to ensure they meet a rigorous checklist of requirements to reach certification, including being outside a 5km radius of all non-organic normal farms & agricultural land. Our honey comes from beehives placed in national parks in Western QLD and NSW - specifically placed in isolated areas away from any type of contamination (golf courses, agricultural areas, heavy traffic areas and landfills).

Australian Organic Raw Honey

We hope you enjoy the uniqueness and health benefits of our truly delicious natural Australian Organic Honey. It is honey how it should be we think, do you agree?

19th Jun 2019 Honest to Goodness