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Organics From China - Is It Really Organic?

December 26, 2018 Honest to Goodness

With an extensive product range that is sourced both locally and internationally, here at Honest to Goodness we are often confronted by various questions surrounding the authenticity of our organic products originating from China. For example: 'Why do you source organic products from China?' or 'How can we trust that they are really organic?'

These questions stem from China’s reputation for having vast, polluted cities, alongside some questionable food standards.

Team Goodness would like to put any fears surrounding our Chinese-origin products to rest…


Whilst it is easy and understandable for most to think of China as only being overcrowded, industrialised and polluted, this stereotype does not apply across all regions of this country, which is in fact geographically the third largest in the world. In contrast to the major cities, the northern district farmlands are rich in food culture and maintained with traditional methods by farmers with a strong connection to the land.

Organic Farming China


China is rapidly developing and evolving, and much of it for the better. The demand for organic farming in China has taken off drastically due to the realisation that much of their locally grown food may be causing ill health.

According to Foreign policy, “Major scandals including high levels of heavy metal cadmium in rice, exploding watermelons pumped with growth hormones, and the use of steroid clenbuterol (or “lean meat powder”) to induce muscle growth of pigs have made food safety a priority for many Chinese.”

The simple necessities of buying food, breathing clean air and drinking water have become increasingly risky for Chinese consumers, particularly due to the obvious effects of air, water and soil pollution in their major cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Their consumers are therefore driving a demand for cleaner, greener certified organic farming with more urgency than within any other country, which consequently is leading farmers towards organic agriculture. As there are so many scandals, complete transparency and accreditation is required to verify the food is what it is claimed to be and is authentically organic.


Our growers & suppliers play an important role in providing the highest quality of products to Honest to Goodness. We take pride in the products we offer, making sure we carefully consider and follow a specific selection criterion before entering a new supplier partnership. We value building long-lasting, genuine relationships with sustainable, like-minded growers and suppliers to maintain the trust and integrity from all that we do as a brand.

Whilst we are aware that there are falsely claimed organic products available on the market, we can assure you that anything we state to be organic supply, truly is organic. All our products, not just Chinese produce, are third-party certified under the strict criteria of our Australian organic certifier, ACO. Not only do they have these strict criteria regarding their certification process, as part of their audit process they collect random samples and conduct pesticide testing to ensure their standards are upheld.

Organic China Farming

Since our establishment in 2002, we have continually made great efforts to ensure that all our products, no matter where they come from, are grown honestly, naturally and meet a high-quality standard. We are aware that not all companies share the same values and integrities as us at Honest to Goodness. As a brand, we aim to be as open and transparent as possible, and as a result, gaining the trust and respect of our organic community. This trust is highly important to us, and something we honour by sticking to our values, standards and claims.


While we try to source quality Australian grown products as much as possible, in some instances it is not a feasible option. Environmental factors such as climate, soils, and seasons mean that some products such as oats, macadamias and mangos grow optimally in Australia, whereas dates, pepitas and cranberries cannot thrive here the same way organically.

And yes, some Australian farmers may be able to produce these products, however, they are unable to provide us with enough yield to meet the demands. Organic farming commonly produces smaller yields than conventional crops, which apply fertilisers and pesticides. One thing that Honest to Goodness strives for is sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing, which means that we prefer to source our products as close to their native origins as possible as to avoid unnecessary handling and distribution costs and to ensure the best possible price and quality for all our customers.

Organic China Farming

If you have any further concerns about the origins of our products, please contact our customer service team at or call us on (02) 8310 1800

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