Our traditionally made artisanal Italian pasta

Everyone knows that pasta is the ultimate comfort food! Not only is it easy to cook in large quantities for a speedy family meal, but there are so many ways to flavour it too! We consider pasta as a pantry staple, but not many people would agree that it is a healthy pantry addition. Pasta is often labelled as ‘junk food’ that is high in simple carbohydrates, which can convince people to give up traditional (and tasty) pasta dishes.

But did you know that not all pastas are created equal, with some more nutritious than others?! Read on to learn why our Organic Pastas are better for you:


Our certified  Organic Pastas are traditionally artisanal Italian made and are created using two base ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water - without the use of dairy and eggs making it vegan-friendly. Organic durum wheat semolina is naturally higher in protein than other commercial pasta flours, and also produces a higher quality product. Durum wheat has an array of beneficial minerals that actually has a very similar nutritional panel to quinoa! It also contains good quality dietary fibre, which will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. 

Organic Pasta Online Australia

Try out our tri-colour  Organic Fusilli and Organic Zoo Pasta, which has a little dehydrated organic tomato and spinach to add some great colour to your dish! Or try our Organic Penne Pasta which is made for the ancient grain senatore Cappelli.


You may have noticed that we mention our pasta is bronze extruded…but what does this mean? Our organic pasta is first made into a dough, then pushed through a ‘die’ to give it, its shape (eg. penne tubes and zoo animals).

Organic Pasta Online Australia

Cutting the pasta through a bronze die produces a rough and textured pasta surface, allowing the pasta sauce to cling and hold much better – more sauce on the pasta and less left on the plate! Commercial pasta makers tend to use less expensive Teflon dies which produce smooth, shiny pasta with a slick surface that causes the sauce to run off.


Once our organic pasta has been squeezed into shape, it is left to dry at a low temperature for 30+ hours. This is the traditional method of making pasta in Italy, which produces a fresher and much healthier pasta that retains the nutty flavour, aroma, as well as nutrients of the durum wheat. Many commercial pastas are quick-dried at a higher temperature (essentially baked), which may be great for producing large amounts of pasta, but not great for our tummies! The high heat can damage the proteins and fibre contained in the pasta, making it harder for you to digest.

Organic Pasta Online Australia

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15th Jul 2021 Honest to Goodness