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Pressed Purity [Supplier Spotlight]

September 18, 2019 Honest to Goodness

Pressed Purity oils are manufactured at a one of a kind state of the art factory in Kingaroy, Queensland. Pressed Purity are a family owned business established in 1986. Since then they have manufactured high quality products made in Australia from fresh Australian grown produce. They pride themselves on the flavour, taste and nutrition of our products, and of course they are a pleasure to use each day.

Pressed Purity has the largest range of oils under a single brand (as a manufacturer) in Australia if not the world. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of Macadamia Oil and their Australian made oils are currently exported to over 20 different countries. IBIS World named Pressed Purity - The leading manufacturer of Cold Pressed oils in Australia. (IBISWorld Industry Report C1150)

“Cold Pressed” means the oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit, nuts or seeds with the use of a heavy granite millstone or a modern stainless-steel press. All their oils are naturally made, no heat, chemicals bleaches or solvents are used during the manufacturing process from start to finish.

The oils are naturally gluten free, GMO free, Vegan Friendly and are classed as a raw food. They are a natural source of daily energy, rich in flavour, contain vitamins, nutrition and antioxidants. Cold Pressed Oils have a natural taste that can enhance the natural culinary flavour of almost any meal or dish.

Cold Pressed Oils are best used as a garnish to enhance the flavour of your meal; however, most can be used to pan fry (not deep fry). When you use a cooking oil to pan fry most of the flavour has been removed (in most cases chemically removed). This allows you to pan fry without changing the flavour of the meat or produce you are preparing. If you use a cold pressed oil to pan fry you will change the flavour of the meal you are preparing to mimic the flavour of the oil you are using, i.e. Avocado Oil will leave a strong avocado flavour, this is great when preparing Mexican food.

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