Do you want to get more life from your food?

Incorporating more raw foods into your diet might be just what you need! Though it might seem like a new trend, we’ve been eating raw foods since our primitive beginnings. Before having access to fire, foraging for raw foods was our main staple. In fact all other animals naturally only consume raw uncooked foods.

Raw foods are foods found in their natural state with little to no heating or processing therefore maintaining their nutrient density and integrity of many fragile vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other power packed phyto nutrients. In fact studies show heating our food above a certain level kills off many disease fighting enzymes and our very own immune system reacts to cooked foods as though they were foreign unrecognisable toxins, otherwise known as digestive leukocytosis. Sounds scary, but this isn’t to say all cooked foods are bad, in fact a balance can be quite healthy.

Some people are drawn to raw foods for the many health benefits, ethical principles and simplicity. By incorporating more raw foods into our diet like nutsseeds, dried fruit, vegetables and fruits, we can expect  increased nutrient intake, more super human energy levels , improved digestion and even some assistance in losing or maintain a healthy weight! Raw foods can offer us a plethora of amazing health benefits and can be easily added to our daily menus through wholesome summer salads, nori rolls, delicious green smoothies and  juices, creative dips, desserts and snacks. Why not try our raw sprouted protein balls to get you started?

It's not just vegies and fruit for raw food followers, decadent desserts, snacks and smoothies can be very exciting now that we have products like organic raw cacao powder and organic raw mesquite powder to substitute into recipes for that rich chocolate or sweet caramel flavours to create a raw delight!