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Rise of Organics in Australia | 2018 Market Report

August 22, 2018 Honest to Goodness

New national research on the organic industry has just been released in the 2018 Australian Organic Market Report showing strong continual growth overall.

 Highlighted below are our key findings from the Australian Organic Market Report 2018


  • Total value of the organic retail market in Australia is currently estimated at $1.6 billion (increasing 88% since 2012) and accounts for 70% of the Australian organic market overall


  • More than 6 in 10 Australian households say that they buy organic products in any given year
  • Nearly 40% of organic purchasers say they have increased organic food spend over the past year
  • Dry grocery, health & beauty and dairy are the largest organic grocery departments


  • 2/3 of Australian shoppers say they started buying organic for personal health reasons, mainly due to an increased awareness of health impacts from food, fibre and cosmetics
  • Another trigger for shoppers is due to a health issue/crisis affecting individuals or their family (21%)  Eg. cancer, diabetes, heart attack, autoimmune diseases, allergies, eczema, food intolerances
  • The main perceived benefits of organics include:

- Chemical-free (82%)

- Additive-free (71%)

- Environmentally friendly (70%)

  • Of the perceived benefits of organics, environmentally friendly and improved animal welfare are significant awareness factors that have increased since 2016 (we believe which may be partly due to increased interest in vegan lifestyles and attitudes)
  • Other important drivers for choosing organic include nutrition, non-GMO, food safety, freshness
  • 77% of buyers say a certification mark increases their trust in the product
  • Millennials lead the shift towards organic who, despite not having the most disposable income, have increased uptake as they become more health- and environmentally-conscious and educated about the benefits of organics


  • Price and value remains the key barrier for shoppers in increasing their organic purchases at 67%, followed by a trust that a product is truly organic at 40%
  • 25% of consumers indicate they would like to know more about the benefits of organic products

Honest to Goodness is certified by Australian Organic, who audit and approve all our operations under their strict guidelines and ensure that the organic integrity of our certified products remains intact. Following strict food handling guidleines and having a quality management system in place guarantees the best possible organic products are available for our customers.

Honest to Goodness was voted by the public as Australia's Favourite Organic Brand, and we are proud to be recognised as Best Organic Wholesaler in Australia for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Read more about us here or contact us about organic wholesale solutions for your business.

Download the full Australian Organic Market Report 2018:

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