July 27, 2021 Team Goodness

Weleda celebrates a hundred years of success in 2021. Since its foundation, the company has been setting standards for certified natural skincare and anthroposophic medicines. As a pioneer and leader in sustainable business practices, Weleda is strengthening its commitment to healthy soils and the preservation of biodiversity in its anniversary year 2021. For the future of people and nature.


Conducting business in harmony with nature and people – as a pioneer of sustainability, Weleda has followed this trailblazing approach for 100 years. Weleda processes several hundred raw plant materials, which are cultivated in the company’s eight biodynamic medicinal plant gardens or sourced from more than 50 long-term raw materials partnerships around the world. Weleda places great importance on ensuring that its supply chains are both environmentally and socially sustainable. 


Weleda cultivates eight medicinal plant gardens around the world according to the guidelines of biodynamic agriculture. These gardens are at the heart of its operations. And with the global decline of biodiversity and around 10 million hectares of arable land lost every year, Weleda gardens are a hotspot of biodiversity with an abundance of animal and plant species. Around six billion organisms live in a single handful of biodynamic soil.

In 2021 Weleda opens its gardens to the world. The digital platform “Weleda Open Garden” delivers authentic, relevant and shareable content, including special features such as 3D visualisations and augmented reality (AR). Visitors can discover fascinating stories and valuable advice from Weleda experts, which they can apply in their own garden, on their balcony or in their living room. This project shines a spotlight on the vibrant, diverse life of biodynamic gardens – above and below ground.


Weleda beauty products are certified by NATRUE, which is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural product. All of Weleda’s skin care products are free from petroleum-derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and they are never tested on animals.

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