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A Taste of Home: Why Our Organic Olive Oil is Now Australian Grown

June 15, 2023 Honest to Goodness

As global prices hit a 26 year high we are looking local and welcome a new range of Australian Organic Olive Oil under the Honest to Goodness and Absolute Organic Brands.

Global Organic Olive Oil Prices Surge

Feeling the effects of global warming and adverse weather conditions, olive oil producers across the Mediterranean have faced reduced harvest yields and increased production costs resulting in a surge in olive oil prices that has reached a 26-year high. The world’s top producer of olive oil, Spain saw a 50% drop in the last olive harvest which impacts the price and availability of our Spanish origin Honest to Goodness Organic Olive Oil. 2023 seasons harvest increased by more than 50% in price at origin. Despite exploring alternative origins worldwide, the costs of imported organic olive oil remained remarkably high across different countries. This coupled with the extraordinary increase in shipping costs meant that we had to reassess our range of Organic Olive Oil that we can offer this year. 

The good news is that we have been able to source a premium Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that will replace our Spanish Olive Oil and provide our customers with a high quality alternative choice. 

Our New Locally Sourced Australian Organic Olive Oil

Our Australian Organic Olive Oil has a full-bodied, authentic flavour profile and is produced through organic and sustainable farming practices. This approach not only ensures exceptional quality and flavour for our customers but also minimises our environmental impact.

Our new Australian Organic Olive Oil is available in a 500ml bottle under the Absolute Organic brand, many of our customers may already be familiar with this oil. We have also introduced a 5L larger pack size under the Honest to Goodness label. As the market evolves and prices potentially stabilise, we remain open to re-evaluating our decisions and reintroducing imported olive oil to provide a diverse range of options.


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